Bots and beggars aplenty…

so heres more names and more people who enjoy passing copy items and an old face who was begging before the bots and is resurfacing again. Remember this guy? he uses several names but usually the same two or three photos. always on the first page of profile and the same crap written on his […]

More names more copy bots …

new names.. PoshaPasha (c00d9b9d-7f60-479c-a8fc-0b902fed5f63) Gracious Goldshark (5abf50a6-368b-49a5-acc8-c88cba9dee63) Gretzelia (24e9bebc-4341-42de-8a46-141ce82c9fea) and a lovely copybot named ” Dirty Dikes” made the entire outfit for the bot at Laq including tonktastic boots, truth hair, and accessories and jewelry from other top end designers. didnt bother to change the name of the items as shown below. updated script: Gretzelia: […]

New names Batch

all of these are currently at popular locations including LAQ. catwa, vista, and the usual places.  I must say that collabor88 and wasabi have been really great about removing these bots pretty quickly. Im not sure what they are doing but they might want to offer advice to the other stores who are plagued by […]

More Names

BIackberry (c697b18b-1195-4694-be52-12f2ab8480af) ZombieGirl Yellow Cerulean     ******************************************************************************************************************************************************* Lollipop ( 8b106957-4e75-4d15-80e5-6100765b1b71) NOTE********* Hi! I just saw this post on your blog: Do you list the names of beggar bots in SL? I think you’ve mistakenly listed Lollipop, cos that’s one of the names I have created and reserved since November 2010, when SL first launched […]

Bot at Belleza

In order to take advantage of the FLF sale the bots were at it again. at least the person behind them is freshening up the script a bit and they don’t have as many out at  once. Could it be less annoying? Nope. But at least the world didn’t end!  JeIIie: WOW!! How are you, […]

Extorting with spoofed names

Apparently this bot owner is alittle upset shes been exposed and is now spoofing other accounts and trying to extort people. DO NOT PAY these bots! do NOT pay whoever they are claming to be. Report to LL the name of the bot along with whomever they are claiming to be under defamation and please […]