New names Batch

all of these are currently at popular locations including LAQ. catwa, vista, and the usual places.  I must say that collabor88 and wasabi have been really great about removing these bots pretty quickly. Im not sure what they are doing but they might want to offer advice to the other stores who are plagued by the bots. In anycase more names for you.

Pleshure (0a4f2900-ead8-4150-9978-e0d24ac2fcef)

Pekanina  ( located at Henmations at time of this post)

Cerenitee   ( located at exile at the time of this post. hidden behind a completely invisible avi near the benches at landing point infront of the store)

Edithee    ( ff7c9641-0a0f-4a2c-8ca7-d7012915e868)

Editheea   (7f9a0ddf-b01a-4063-b4dd-1561a404ad7f)

up dates on her script now include happy holidays or happy new year  and variations on the compliments.  our good friend Kendra is still passing her bots stolen hair. as shown below.

Also one of the bots a two week old one which is suprizing its lasted this long ( hello LL why isnt this acct banned?)  is using another name as a fake old acct she lost her password on

” ZombieGirI: my name was Sue Chiung before which was such a cool name 😦 now I am stuck with this stupid name and RESIDENT – that is an ugly last name!”




2 thoughts on “New names Batch

  1. When you list names and stuff you should make sure to list the actual avatar names alongside the display names. For example, one bot is named Zombiegiri but their display name is ZombieGirl. Anyone could be named ZombieGirl as a display name and get wrongly banned because you didn’t post the real av name. 😦

    Other than that, this blog is very interesting to read!

    • right i do paste the regular names not display names the bot maker is good at changing letters like the letter i

      the L at the end of girl is an upper case i so the bot named zombiegiri is seen as zombiegirI the last letter is typed as an upper case I. thank you for the comment its a great point 🙂

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