Bloggers who are or help copybots and beggar bots?

I wonder if  the attic bloggers group knows that they have a copy bot and or a beggar bot in their group?  This ones hanging out at henimations. She also belongs to the shush bloggers group.  now even if Laylani Xurina isnt the beggar bot she was in possesion of copybot hair and passed it to a beggar bot. sounds like a blogger Id want covering my stuff. or NOT.


And a new bot with kendra as the person who passed copybot hair. yet in an interview the beggar bot owner stated I was wrong and the people sharing hair werent her accts. so this person is just stupid or the beggar bot owner my guess is both.

shown below hanging out at redgrave with the person she claimed was her acct she lost the password to. LOL PS LaCrimmosa is one day old.  good job sharing with the beggars Kendra.


and more names not yet added thank you to all the people who are messaging with bot name updates 🙂

AlissaRose (0eae8808-72b8-4968-8f5e-412d356f5a18)   Please note while looking up this known bots uuid key i noticed they have now filled out a profile for a child avatar.
Dannicki (3654b138-2f89-42ce-be07-0a3a84488023)
Cremmosa (09d90ac3-5c8c-4d44-b98e-acbe38e95f88)
Karynnia (492d1613-57f8-45a4-b6e9-48e0ddadf621)


4 thoughts on “Bloggers who are or help copybots and beggar bots?

  1. So you’re not aware that copybotters can pretty much use any SL name they like for their creations, thus implicating others and diverting all attention away from their accounts and their alts? Pffft, They could use your name if they wanted. Just because someone’s name is on a copybotted item, it’s no proof whatsoever that they were involved with the illegal copying.

    Nice to see you’ve done your homework before jumping in with both size 12’s and accused people of something they’re possibly not involved in making defamatory and libellous remarks about them…

    • I see your point however, the original creator of the copy item is Simmerian braveheart. the people i’m showing have PASSED already copied items and you cannot forge that. the last owner is the last owner period. yes you can fake creator names but not LAST OWNER. this still shows that the LAST owner were in possesion of COPY ITEMS and are knowingly PASSING full perm items around the grid to beggar bots and who knows who else. I have done my homework and anyone who looks at the proof can see that as well. Thank you for your comments 🙂

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