More Names

BIackberry (c697b18b-1195-4694-be52-12f2ab8480af)







Lollipop ( 8b106957-4e75-4d15-80e5-6100765b1b71)



Do you list the names of beggar bots in SL? I think you’ve mistakenly listed Lollipop, cos that’s one of the names I have created and reserved since November 2010, when SL first launched usernames. I can assure you that it’s not a bot, and haven’t been used since I created it.
I think there are Loiipop residents, and Loilipop residents running around in SL. They’re using capital “i” to mimic the word.
Please remove it from your list, cos I don’t want my reserved account to be wrongfully listed.
please check to see if your acct has been hacked because i double checked and this name with correct letters spelling LOLLIPOP resident has been used as a beggar bot.


HaiIee (c29fa63a-df15-4ed4-98bf-67887927a3bc)

and several old names still in rotation. and shes still using other peoples names as her “old” acct including  Jaylee Rage, jealous rage, Alatta Rage, and  Jordyn Topaz. some whom have comments on their profiles stating they arent bots.  I havent been in world as much to catch these bots. and honestly its getting boring so please send a comment or message me on yahoo if you see a new name and want to keep people aware.



7 thoughts on “More Names

  1. ZombieGirI @ LAQ Dec 25th

    [06:09] ZombieGirI: WOW!! How are you, I haven’t seen you in like forever
    [06:09] xxxxxx: OMG wow great
    [06:10] ZombieGirI: I’m just kidding 😛 we don’t really know each other, SL is rezzing so slow for me blah 😦 and I was bored waiting to be able to move :P:P
    [06:10] xxxxxxx: yes i know )
    [06:10] ZombieGirI: Happy Holidays!!
    [06:10] ZombieGirI: I just decided to log in today after 2 years! But for whatever reason my password on my old account won’t work BLAH –
    [06:11] xxxxxx: oh dear
    [06:11] ZombieGirI: my name was Jaylee Rage before which

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