Bot at Belleza

In order to take advantage of the FLF sale the bots were at it again. at least the person behind them is freshening up the script a bit and they don’t have as many out at  once. Could it be less annoying? Nope. But at least the world didn’t end!

 JeIIie: WOW!! How are you, I haven’t seen you in like forever
 JeIIie: I’m just kidding, we aren’t friends but we can be! I was just bored waiting for everything to load
 JeIIie: Happy Friday! Omg we made it passed 12-21!
 JeIIie: I just decided to log in today after 2 years! But for whatever reason my password on my old account won’t work BLAH –
 JeIIie: my name was Jordyn Topaz before which was such a cool name 😦 now I am stuck with this stupid name and RESIDENT – that is an ugly last name!
 JeIIie: were you thinking about cursing me out? haha
 JeIIie: holy crap you have an amazing avatar!
 JeIIie: I am not very good at anything that has to do with art, I never make good avatars! Did you make yours?
 JeIIie: I just got back to SL from a long break, omfg everything is so different
 JeIIie: have you been in SL for a long time?
 JeIIie: being back here after so long I don’t remember anything about the sliders at all, I keep making a chubby round face lol
 JeIIie: .. mesh is so crazy! and the new skins, I don’t even know many of the creators anymore. Who makes the best skins now?
 JeIIie: I quit because this guy I was seeing from SL asked me to stop playing :(( and I listened because I am stupid 😦
 JeIIie: he said there were too many guys in here and he got jealous.I should have thought it was weird that he was so insecure…
 JeIIie: meanwhile, he would come on here and give girls his phone number, which I didn’t find out until one of them messaged me and I got the offline in my email.
 JeIIie: I was seeing him IRL and everything like once a month, usually I paid for the plane tickets – meanwhile he was calling girls from SL telling them he loved them.
 JeIIie: have you ever dated anyone in SL?
 JeIIie: sorry to treat you like you are my therapist or something 😦 guess I just needed to talk about it
 JeIIie: then right after that because I was so angry, I wanted to message the girls and tell them how I felt, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it
JeIIie: but here I am back again, starting over as a newb. Everything that I had in my inventory was so out of date anyway
 JeIIie: your avatar is really nice though truly, one of the best ones I have seen since I have been back, you should be proud of it, you did an amazing job
 JeIIie: mind if I ask a favor :X
 JeIIie: Would there be any way possible that you would consider letting me borrow 300l so I can make my avatar a little like yours?
 JeIIie: I want to reinvent myself in SL, no dating unless the guy is just like so amazing that I can’t resist it
JeIIie: thank you so much!!!


She was totally invisible which i figured would happen once I uncovered my inspection techniques. but as always keep reporting and muting. 


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