Extorting with spoofed names

Apparently this bot owner is alittle upset shes been exposed and is now spoofing other accounts and trying to extort people. DO NOT PAY these bots! do NOT pay whoever they are claming to be. Report to LL the name of the bot along with whomever they are claiming to be under defamation and please send a note in world to whom ever they are claiming to be so the owner of the name they are trying to defame can also report.

Keep reporting and muting these bots apparently its having some effect if they are upset enough to start trying to defame and extort inorder to have this blog removed.  I WILL NOT REMOVE this blog nor will I stop listing names of your bots. People who read this blog and most other SL’rs are smarter than your name spoofer or vailed attempt at trying to defame me pretending you were once my avi.

Biancee: omfg it’s been so long!!! How have you been
Biancee: just kiddddding we never have met before! Sl takes forever to rez and you’re the only person I can see!
Biancee: Happy Tuesday!! Yay Monday is gone!
 Biancee: I just decided to log in today after 2 years! But for whatever reason my password on my old account won’t work BLAH –
 Biancee: my name was Jealous Rage before which was such a cool name 😦 now I am stuck with this stupid name and RESIDENT – that is an ugly last name!

Ironic that Jealous rage has a post on her profile telling people shes not a bot and not to pay and to report for defamation if you are told a bot is her alt. shes also ONLINE with a response message saying the same. seems strange when this bot claims its her alt and that she lost her password. whats next she will claim her acct was hacked?
Biancee: don’t be upset with me ok? I’m a prankster 😛
Biancee: awww your avatar is awesome
Biancee: I wish I made shapes as good as that, did you make it yourself?
Biancee: I haven’t been in SL in so long everything is crazy!
Biancee: have you been in SL for a long time?
Biancee: I think I need a new shape for all of this new stuff, I tried to make one but I don’t think I came even close to yours
Biancee: .. mesh is so crazy! and the new skins, I don’t even know many of the creators anymore. Who makes the best skins now?
Biancee: I quit because this guy I was seeing from SL asked me to stop playing :(( and I listened because I am stupid 😦
Biancee: he said there were too many guys in here and he got jealous.I should have thought it was weird that he was so insecure…
Biancee: meanwhile, he would come on here and give girls his phone number, which I didn’t find out until one of them messaged me and I got the offline in my email.
Biancee: I was seeing him IRL and everything like once a month, usually I paid for the plane tickets – meanwhile he was calling girls from SL telling them he loved them.
Biancee: have you ever dated anyone in SL?
Biancee: sorry to treat you like you are my therapist or something 😦 guess I just needed to talk about it
Biancee: then right after that because I was so angry, I wanted to message the girls and tell them how I felt, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it
Biancee: but here I am back again, starting over as a newb. Everything that I had in my inventory was so out of date anyway
Biancee: your avatar is really nice though truly, one of the best ones I have seen since I have been back, you should be proud of it, you did an amazing job
Biancee: mind if I ask a favor :X
Biancee: I know I just randomly imed you and it’s so rude of me to ask but do you think there is any way you could help me a little bit with getting started again? Maybe like 300l so I can get a hair or something
Biancee: I want to reinvent myself in SL, no dating unless the guy is just like so amazing that I can’t resist it
Biancee: thank you so much!!!

a crazed bot messaged me with threats 12/13/2012  a few days previously i called her a dumb cunt at al vulo where she was at the KB with her bot. i told her exactly what i thought of her. she was upset  and I had spoken to a friend about her, later the convo got back to her and she said this…and later messaged me….

[12:54] CadyAnnia: Just so you know fool

[12:54] CadyAnnia: I said

[12:54] CadyAnnia: ASSASSINS CREED not skyrim

[12:54] CadyAnnia: maybe you should have gotten that part right

[12:55] CadyAnnia: not only that

[12:55] CadyAnnia: but I am messaging the entire fucking grid

after which i logged off because she was spamming my IMs with her crap. Im not taking the blog down.

this was a message left for me on 12/13/2012

[12:56] Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
[12:57] CadyAnnia: I think they won’t even know I’m a bot when I message them all telling them jealous rage is a bot
[12:57] CadyAnnia: and fucking AR you
[12:57] CadyAnnia: for your copybotted shit
[12:57] CadyAnnia: and your gay blog
[12:58] CadyAnnia: watch you stupid whore


Biancee is owned by Silver Lacrima shown below



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