Avatars behind the bots. More to come.

When collecting names of all of these bot accounts I had an idea. surely all of these acct which are only one day old cannot afford to buy a new truth hair for each acct each day. So I inspected and discovered a connection. many of these in fact all of these bot were wearing copy bot hair. and in many cases several accts were passed truth hair from the same acct.  I started getting screen shots to show you. notice the last owner is the person who was in posession of the copy botted hair and sent it to the beggar bot. you know what this means i’m sure.  People don’t randomly pass copy botted hair to a stranger or someone they don’t know. In most cases the previous owner is an alt. and so one can assume with relative certainty that the following screen shots are proof positive connected with the beggar bot. if not the owner of the bot then a mule acct or alt of an alt. so you wanted to  know who was behind the bots? here’s a few photos to examine and decide for yourself.

this photo shows Kendra Hydraconis as the owner of Vannessie the bot  last owner kendra current owner Vannessie and  the rest of the photos follow the same trend.


copybotproof 14

And below Darby Applewhyte is the bot owner  most likely kendras alt since the bots use the same script.

proof 21

and here we find Octoberee is owned by Chii Yakubu


Chii also is connected to an inworld photo studio as shown below.

the group owner who also runs the photostudio has only two people in her group Chii and her partner. Ancutza Voom is the owner of the photo studio.


SugarPour is owned by Laylani Xurina


another Darby Applewhyte



Biancee is owned by Silver Lacrima


Marchee is owned by Merci Mirror


When you see a bot you can do the same by going into edit on the bots hair it will show you the chain of ownership, then use your screen snip tool located in the accessories area of windows programs.  feel free to send more photos to slvanitybots@yahoo.com and thank you for the continued support and don’t forget to be sure to not only mute but also REPORT each bot every time you see it.


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