More Names

BIackberry (c697b18b-1195-4694-be52-12f2ab8480af) ZombieGirl Yellow Cerulean     ******************************************************************************************************************************************************* Lollipop ( 8b106957-4e75-4d15-80e5-6100765b1b71) NOTE********* Hi! I just saw this post on your blog: Do you list the names of beggar bots in SL? I think you’ve mistakenly listed Lollipop, cos that’s one of the names I have created and reserved since November 2010, when SL first launched […]

Bot at Belleza

In order to take advantage of the FLF sale the bots were at it again. at least the person behind them is freshening up the script a bit and they don’t have as many out at  once. Could it be less annoying? Nope. But at least the world didn’t end!  JeIIie: WOW!! How are you, […]

Extorting with spoofed names

Apparently this bot owner is alittle upset shes been exposed and is now spoofing other accounts and trying to extort people. DO NOT PAY these bots! do NOT pay whoever they are claming to be. Report to LL the name of the bot along with whomever they are claiming to be under defamation and please […]


Some helpful store owners have added to the list. Thank you to everyone who is reporting. each report and mute helps! Sansabelle Rylenia Andrameta Porcshia Ursulena EmileeAnne Olgena Jellykaya Anjellia Resident CadyAnnia Ursulena KrissieAnnie Sundayvia KrissieAnnie Nanyea MarIeIla Januaree VioIette Megdalynna

Just when we had alittle peace…

shes at it again. Dayneria Divide Jasminena AllieAj Naznia fanmgradio HaightAshberry KandeeKanee Angeliniana Pepperminta AnjelSugaree VeronicaAbeline bunnysnuggle heliyana Yanaria EthelRue Cinderellee Suassee Torriela Tuesdayvia SugarPour Sundayvia March McWinnie *sigh* mute and report… SugarPour: WOW!! How are you, I haven’t seen you in like forever SugarPour: just kiddddding we never have met before! Sl takes forever […]

Don’t Mess with Collabor88

I love it! every store needs to do this!! Collabor88 announcer: **ATTENTION SHOPPERS* We are aware that there may be bots who come to C88 and beg for money. Please mute any avatar and report for spam if an avatar randomly IMs you an elaborate story after bumping into them. This is a known problem […]

Bot Names List as of 12/14/2012

Mondaynia Marchee Februaree verginica2000 LolyanRohan karawa Eclaira Resident GiovanaReO SaintSerena DevinSloane RoseVanDraugr SeanDuke SYDN Pinke20 LucasLion KelterVin ChiChocolat SweetieLynne Patriciaoshea LouLouAnne Angeline26 PolllyanaSparta CadentFour IrisApple HolliePolly Saallee Trinny Crystal EmileeAnne Swirllee LeonaLynne these are in addition to the names previously posted. and we have another winner… [14:50] poubelle23: hi:) I’m sorry if it’s rude, but […]

Updated script

[16:17] Octoberee: WOW!! How are you, I haven’t seen you in like forever [16:17] Octoberee: I’m just kidding 😛 we don’t really know each other, SL is rezzing so slow for me blah 😦 and I was bored waiting to be able to move [16:17] Octoberee: were you thinking about cursing me out? haha [16:18] […]

Vanity Bot Names

Beware the Flatterbot, an Avatar Bot Programmed to Scam Second Life Users with Scripted Flirtation & Begging Iris Ophelia’s ongoing review of gaming and virtual world styleWhen I was taking Hamlet’s avatararound for his virtual makeover, I happened to get an IM from a nice sounding lady who was in a bit of a pickle. You see, she’d […]